Friday, October 1, 2010


Pearls are regrouped based on the origin and shape.

1. Pearl on the basis of origin
a. Natural pearl / natural
Natural pearls occur when there are foreign objects that enter the body molluscs / shellfish, over time the foreign body was wrapped by Contained substances in oysters, increasingly hard and shiny.
The size of the pearl depends on foreign objects that enter into the shells.
Natural pearls are very expensive, usually calculated based on carat weight.

b. Pearl cultivation
such as natural pearls events, occurs in the body shell, but there is human intervention, foreign object deliberately put into the body shells so that the process of pearl formation. This type of pearl sold by size in millimeters.

c. Sea water pearls
Pearls produced by the shells of sea water. Pearls of this type can occur naturally or could be due to natural and cultivated.

d. Freshwater pearls
freshwater pearls produced by oysters that live in freshwater, can in a river or lake.

2. Pearls by shape
a. Round.
In general, this form is highly desirable. Prices are round pearls are the most expensive.

b. Symmetrical
including pear shape and another shape that has symmetry from one side to the other side but not the round.

c. Irregular
pearl of irregular shape is the category of pearls that cost the least expensive, but if the unique shape was very beautiful and interesting.

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