Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caring for silver and gold jewelry

Silver or gold are made in ways that are less true in the mixing process will be easy to dull levels, changing color to black sometimes, scratched and dented.

Scratched and dented the negligence of the user if this happens be careful with your valuables.

The cause of the dent or scratch easily could be because high levels of silver or gold so rather gently. Being dull or black instead of silver or gold levels may be low, so easy oxidation or react with other substances. Usually the hardest cause is salt and sulfur, this means sea water and may bathe in natural hot springs that contain sulfur. Or the more common is the fact that rising material surface mixtures. This kind of natural law which would light up the stairs. This happens also as a solid object but rather a long time. Usually when a gold ring had been cut to be diminished in size it will look the cut line. This solder surface that appears.

Actually, the red line is the solder. Solder made by lowering the weight of gold that was dropped and lighter than the weight of gold that would welded. Because the law will light above the cut line so it looks real is the color of solder.

You may ask what is reasonable? Yes. But if true workmanship ways this will happen maybe decades. Because the molecules are bound well.

General problem of gold and silver jewelry is caused by:

* Gold and silver became dull. Your sweat contains salt may be a bit of silver, especially so quickly become dull and even black. The solution is not no more often than did treatment silver jewelry. While gold was difficult to be dull but it will stay long, too dull.
* Sooner or dull black. Caused by an imperfect mixture of time making jewelry that is usually done hand or 'hand made' difficult to be treated as black would be quick again.
* Dull or black when not in use. Usually stored in a long time in wooden cabinets. Varnish and wood finishing less than perfect can make quick and black faded silver is due to oxidation of the materials of wood finishing.
* Dull can also be caused due to bathe in the sea, water containing salt or sulfur. Silver and gold are often oxidation with salt and sulfur.
* Dull and black can also be due to storage in a bag or something made of leather. Leather jobs typically use materials associated with sulfur or amoniac. Or maybe you use a necklace of silver skin. Not all of the skin causing the skin black when the job is done right. So the skin is suspect as the cause of gold or silver items to be black.
* Gold color changed into red too. This is because the copper compound has emerged out of the surface. This law of nature that the light is always on top. The reason for mix can not correct levels. But if from the beginning was the color red is called rose gold.
* Red appears to be uneven. This problem is called cloudy or fire skill. This is because when the process is patrian workmanship in the area appears red. This mixture of solder is one of them is the copper surface.

How to treat the right:

* clean often silver and gold jewelry you. Use a cloth and abrasive materials such as autosol that many are sold in supermarkets or used in a motorcycle repair shop. Use a soft cloth and the good of the former jersey cotton or cotton materials which have often been washed. Cotton, but scrubbing can also be rather difficult.
* Store in a cloth bag before entering the cabinet, or leather bag. If silica gel is easily available in supermarkets are also very good. Another safe place is a box of paper, plastic and metal.
* If you are gold or silver was too scratchy and you do not mind a little run-down (the same, serviced to the goldsmith had shrunk) use sandpaper no. 1000 when he was fine to use sandpaper to smooth 2000 no occasion may dip in the water. If thats enough just fine using autosol had to make another chink. If it does not cling amplasan less. This is called polishing. This method can not be done for goods dipped for older layers lost cause.
* Jewels blurred. Actually jewel blurry can also rubbed with the above, but take longer depending on the level and type of pearl buramnya. If diamonds do not try this gem for the world's toughest. Very special, so expensive. Actually ways to refine precious metal as the process of polishing or sanding and rub like the above.

Treating the wrong way:

* Often seen people cook gold or silver. This method is for those who already know. Because there are types of gems that are not strong with the hot temperatures that cause color fading gem instead. No longer cling.
* Cook using aluminum pots may cause a black dye or oxid is usually used instead accidentally lost. But if it's going to eliminate this black drug could be added a little salt, black dye on the silver will be lost. The reaction of salt and oxidation of aluminum binding.
* Do not cook using the acid if there is a jewel. Acid is a substance that can cause abrassive gloss layer becomes opaque gems. Mainly occurs in soft gems like Amber. Can also lead to inclusion (such particles are in a diamond may be changing color). Usually if imitation he would quickly change color.

These methods are very common. Do not use for white gold and diamonds. Also due to the gold gilding gilding can be lost. Better to ask how to clean your jewelry to your place of purchase to make it more secure.


Gem trade transactions can be found on the sidewalk, traditional markets, to the Mall, upscale Mall. Even now sold-bought via the Internet. In trading, precious stones are divided into two groups:

Intan (Diamond)
Gems colored (colored Stone)

This distinction is based on the physical properties and characteristics of these two different groups, including the following:
- Intan basically have the best quality in the state no color (colorless) or free from the influence of other colors. As for color gemstone will be more attractive if the higher the color intensity.

- Diamond has the highest hardness of 10 Mohs scale and the reflective surface (luster) the highest. all types of colored gemstones has hardness and luster in the diamond.

- Trade diamonds have specific mechanisms and pathways that supply, demand, and prices can be controlled pluktuasi. Periodically, the standard selling price and the purchase of diamonds published, whereas colored gemstones until today do not have a standard price that can be used as a reference so that the determination of price is still very subjective. (source of gem identification medium-nugroho)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Diamond

LONDON - A rare diamond that is expected to create a new world record price per carat of diamonds in an auction in May exhibited in London.

Smaller than penny circles, diamonds worth estimated 5.8 to 8.5 million U.S. dollars (approximately USD 92.2 billion), according to estimates seller. This 7.03-carat ring is one of the very few blue diamonds in the world.
This diamond found in South Africa last year and is now on display at Sotheby's, Mayfair, London, England, until Tuesday (28 / 4). Then the diamonds will be auctioned in Geneva on 12 May Gems are cut from a rough precious stone weighing 26.58 carats, was found in 2008 at the Cullinan mine.
The mine also produces diamonds Great Star of Africa is now 530 carats adorn the royal crown. Rocks Institute of America (GIA) provides a perfect grade for clarity on the blue diamonds, the highest class that can be given on a piece of precious stones.
Cathy Malins, of Petra Diamonds, a diamond mining company that is, describe the discovery of this diamond as it is very unique. He said, "At our mines in South Africa we are mining for about 2-3 million tons of stone per year. We'll be lucky enough to be a piece, or two, blue diamonds from this mine. In short we do not know when it might be a diamond of this kind anymore. "
Rare type of precious stones in the world is because of this little area that could be mined for blue diamonds. These stones have a blue color as metallic chemical called boron, which can absorb light in color, appeared during the formation of rocks.

Target record
The auctioneer said, despite the current economic situation is less good, the supply of buyers around the world began to flood. David Bennett, head of auction house Sotheby's Europe and Middle East, said, "Things like this will be bought by someone who wants pocketed something not owned one in the world, someone who wants something very, very beautiful and rare." "I'm very optimistic even in markets such as the scarcity of diamonds now this will make it sell. "
In May 2008, a 3.73-carat diamond sold auction house Sotheby's for $ 1,328,444 U.S. dollars, a new world record for price per carat gems in the auction. If diamonds are sold according to the estimated 8.5 million dollars worth, then the diamond will break the world record. The buyer will also have the right to name the diamond.