Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Gem trade transactions can be found on the sidewalk, traditional markets, to the Mall, upscale Mall. Even now sold-bought via the Internet. In trading, precious stones are divided into two groups:

Intan (Diamond)
Gems colored (colored Stone)

This distinction is based on the physical properties and characteristics of these two different groups, including the following:
- Intan basically have the best quality in the state no color (colorless) or free from the influence of other colors. As for color gemstone will be more attractive if the higher the color intensity.

- Diamond has the highest hardness of 10 Mohs scale and the reflective surface (luster) the highest. all types of colored gemstones has hardness and luster in the diamond.

- Trade diamonds have specific mechanisms and pathways that supply, demand, and prices can be controlled pluktuasi. Periodically, the standard selling price and the purchase of diamonds published, whereas colored gemstones until today do not have a standard price that can be used as a reference so that the determination of price is still very subjective. (source of gem identification medium-nugroho)

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