Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quality Of Diamonds

Because its physical diamonds Famous Quality is great, ESPECIALLY its hardness-word (diamonds) taken Greek language than Adamas ("impossible to tame")-and held a light on on their efforts.

Resilience: Diamond is the hardest material in the form semulajadi That, with 10 on the Moh hardness scale comparison of excavation and having an absolute hardness value (absolute hardness) Between 167 and 231 gigapaskal in Various Examinations. Violence has been Known since past the bed again, Which Is the stem name.
diamond image

Violence, not the Same as That just shows the resilience of resistance to the hack, diamond hardness is in good is simple. Violence linked to keupayaan something broke due to material than blows. As with other materials, the macroscopic geometry of a diamond contributes to its resilience rather than rupture. Diamonds are cut in certain shapes more Easily broken proportional cuts in other Airways.

Color: Diamonds Were formed by the original so have highlights Various colors - clear, puih, blue, yellow, red, green, pink, war, - or black color. Diamond with a visible color Identified as "Colored diamonds." Colored diamonds or structural defects bendasing Womb That Causes the coloration, while pure or nearly pure diamonds are clear and without color. Most foreign bodies diamond replacing carbon atoms in the crystal network. The most common foreign body, nitrogen, causing little or war Yellowish color.
Expensive diamonds

Price: Now carrying Wittelsbach diamond created in 1664 in a 'dowry' engagement of King Leopold I of Austria to a Spanish princess, Infanta Teresa Magarita. In 1722 the diamonds into the Wittelsbach family or clan, a family of European royalty. Diamonds auctioned at Christie's in London was Bought Laurence Graff (69) with £ 16.4 million, or about Rp244, 7 M.

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